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Welcome to PingBell

Thank you for taking interest in PingBell – the easiest way to celebrate your success with the people you love!

PingBell is an mobile app that provides you with the ability to setup notifications that will ring on any phone that has the app installed. each time a conversion is logged on your website or app.

When setting up your PingBell you have complete control over the notification sound, prompt and who will be subscribed to the notification.

You can invite as many people as you want to receive these notifications 100% FREE.

If you would like to manage more than 1 PingBell from your account or use one of the premium audio options – you can select to subscribe to our service to a monthly or annual plan.

NOTE – people you invite to get notified about your PingBell’s are not required to pay anything to enjoy the service. By joining the service – they will be entitled to manage 1 PingBell 100% FREE, and like you, if they want to manage more than 1 PingBell – they will have to upgrade to a paid subscription.

The following articles were created to help you setup your account and PingBell quickly and efficiently.

If you have any questions about our service – please email us by filling out the contact form on our Contact Us page.

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