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Any App Using Zapier & API Key

Connecting your PingBell to any app via Zapier is especially fast and easy!

Using Zapier you can quickly setup PingBell to receive notifications from one of over 5,000 web apps.

You can do so by following these step by step instructions:

  1. Visiting the PingBell Zapier integration here: https://zapier.com/apps/pingbell/integrations
  2. Login or Create a Zapier account
  3. Click on Create Zap
  4. Choose the trigger app – this will be the app where you are logging the conversions
  5. Set up the desired Event
  6. Then click on Action
  7. Search for PingBell
  8. Select the Notify PingBell Event
  9. When prompted to connect your account, navigate to your PingBell setting page: https://app.pingbell.io/#/account/settings
  10. Then click the API Key – your key will be copied to your clipboard
  11. Paste that API Key into the Zapier authentication pop up window
  12. On the Zap setup page – Under Action select the PingBell you would like to notify
  13. Click Continue to test and save your new Zap!

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