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Upgrading your account

Every PingBell user can enjoy setting up 1 PingBell 100% FREE. With that they can receive unlimited notifications, invite as many people as they want to subscribe to their PingBell and choose one of the 5 free audio options for their notifications.

If you would like to manage more than 1 PingBell or use one of the premium sounds, a paid subscription is required.

We offer 2 subscription tiers that renew monthly or annually. Please review our Pricing table and select the appropriate plan that fits your needs.

After you have determined which plan best suits your needs you can continue to manage your subscription within our app.

NOTE – our Android & Web apps both use the same billing system – provided by our billing partner – Chargebee. Through Chargebee we are able to accept PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and all major Credit Cards – processed through Stripe – the web’s leading subscription payment processor.

On iOS – the subscription is handled by Apple’s proprietary subscription processing service.

The following articles include step by step instructions of how to upgrade and manage your subscription on any one of the platforms.


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