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Connecting your PingBell to an app / website

Connecting your PingBell to any app is fast and easy.

In a sense, all you need to do is add your PingBell URL into any webhook form and select the event that you would like the 3rd party app to transmit to your PingBell.

Once the event occurs on the 3rd party app (for example an order is made, a form is filled or an app is installed) that 3rd party app will send a notification to your PingBell that a conversion just happened.

At that point PingBell will send a notification containing your default message along with the custom sound you selected to all of the users whom you invited to receive notification for that PingBell, and thus, each time a conversion happens, an entire team or group of people can be alerted all at once.

NOTE – for your own privacy – PingBell does NOT store any data transmitted over from the webhook, other than a timestamp of when a transmission occurred!

Bellow you will find links to step by step instructions of how you can setup PingBell to alert you when a transaction is recorded on some of the most popular eCommerce platforms.


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